DVD Replication
(aka DVD Printing / DVD Pressing / DVD Moulding)

DVD replication encompasses a range of different optical media such as DVD-Video, DVD-Rom, DVD-Dual Layer and Blu-Ray. Because of the many formats and the amount of data involved, the preparation of your master takes a higher level of technical knowledge.

Each disc is printed with high (retail) quality full colour offset print on it’s face to ensure that your branding is secure.

DVD Duplication in short, fast runs are available as well complete with retail-ready print and packaging options.

Things to watch out for...

Preparation of your master content is where most people find the most difficultly with DVD production. There are just so many options in regards to menus, chapters, formats and resolutions that many clients don’t know where to start.

Know the end-game. How do you want your end users to interact with your DVD. Is it on a computer, on a TV set or in a school environment. It may just turn out that a USB device might suit your needs better than a DVD.

The second is artwork preparation. If you do not have an in-house graphic designer then the artwork design can take longer than expected. Talk to one of the team at DuplicateIt to help with your graphic design.

Other things to consider

Video Content
Starting with higher resolution or HD footage is always preferable than SD. You can always compress your footage in post-production if your production requirements demand it.

If you product is being delivered B2C from an online shop via local mail then consider a robust form of packaging. There are many attractive options to choose from that will have your product looking great when it arrives in the end users hands.

Perceived Value
High ticket items need to look the part. our extensive range of packaging options has a solution to make your product look a million dollars!

Regioning / PAL / NTSC
Talk to someone at DuplicateIt before you output your final master. Setting the correct regions for your DVD Video title (which parts of the world your DVD will play in) and the correct display system such as PAL or NTSC are vitally important to the success of your produciton.

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Owen Bowling

Competitors? You guys are in a league of your own! Other companies give you product. You give me product, peace of mind, strategy, ideas to sell more product, assistance to sell more product and services to streamline the whole thing.  I wish I had found you years ago!

Owen BowlingCrankIt Fitness
Jm Barbeau

I have worked on 3 continents over 2 decades and have never found a production company quite like DuplicateIt. You are the secret weapon in media and print production. As a speaker and trainer I need product delivered on time and it needs to be perfect. You guys have delivered over and over again. I can’t thank you enough.

Jean-Marc Barbeau
Results Partnerships

The warehouse has just brought up some samples of the CD’s. They look awesome. Thanks for the time and effort put into these, not to mention the Skittles, which went to a person here who eats junk food (not me).

All Interactive Entertainment

I just wanted to say thank you very much for producing our USBs. Both you and Graham really made this process very easy for us! Thanks again

Naomi Kume
Griffith Film School
Graham Hyman

DuplicateIt always accommodates my businesses need for fast turn around

Andrew Gray

“We have used several different duplication companies over the years and experienced all the usual dramas of late deliveries, poor quality stock and “inaccurate” communication. Since starting with DuplicateIT over 5 years ago we have never felt the need to switch anywhere else. Sure we could possibly save a few bucks elsewhere but experience tells us that isn’t worth it. Guaranteed something will be compromised to get to a lower price and we don’t want those headaches in our business.

DuplicateIT say what they’ll do and more importantly then do what they said. The quality control is awesome, we have never had a disaster and needed to reprint a batch of CDs or “cover up errors with a sticker”. Deliveries are fast but more importantly they are on time (or early).

I have recommended several of my business colleagues to DuplicateIT and always receive great feedback from them also, so I will continue to send people (I like) there.”

Andrew Gray
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