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Is VeraJohn Online Casino mobile-friendly? Why, yes, quite so! With 7 game suppliers, all of which specialise in delivering mobile games cross-platform (compatible with Apple, Android and others) your mobile entertainment will always be covered admirably here.

Best Software Available

The software behind VeraJohn is much more advanced than other casinos, because as we hinted, it is not limited to one provider. Very few online casinos these days make their own games. Only a handful come to mind. Sites like mFortune and 888 have unique titles, correct, however there again you are still limited to a single ‘take’ on the games.

We actually prefer Vera & John’s approach. It not only gives us more choices, with the variation in whole outlooks upon classics like Poker that is something any serious player requires. Each games studio has its own outlook, styles, game play pace, jackpots and so forth.

Incredible Games

Some of the standout games we suggest are any of the 3D slots by Netеnt like Gonzo’s Quest or the official South Park slot. In terms of card games, well, how can we begin? With so many brands, and many choices within each brand, you’ll have to figure out which is best for you. See also Facebook casino here

It’s a bit like finding the cosiest table or slot-machine in a real casino But it will take some virtual legwork to cover the ground, so to speak. That’s the only drawback to such a massive online casino. We have a solution, however.

TIP: Make friends quick within the VeraJohn community of players, where you can ask for recommendations based upon your exact preferences.

The Real Deal

Beyond being a gaming wonderland for adults, VeraJohn has an excellent philosophy. As opposed to the focus other casinos place upon their own bonuses (usually fairly complicated but sometimes as high as $5,000 in matching funds) VeraJohn focuses on something more tangible.

Guaranteed jackpots — daily, weekly and monthly — are the speciality of the house. If you stop to give that a thought, winning something worthwhile is the ultimate goal, even if the fun-loving purpose of playing is always there.

VeraJohn makes the pledge to pay out $5K every day, and $15-20K every month. That’s not total payouts, since that figure is in the millions, but rather this is how it works:

Whoever wins the biggest jackpot within a given span of time will have that win amount brought up to the guaranteed amount.

If you win $2,400 on the slots and it’s the best win of the day, you’ll actually go home with $5,000, for example.

Still, you get up to $100 in 100% match welcome bonus, which is basically the on-going benefit. You also get all the best payment methods like Neteller, Eco and Skrill — even BitCoins (the world’s first totally digital currency).

Lastly, after we have sung so many praises for VeraJohn, all deserved, we’ll just seal the deal by mentioning that this casino has the prized Malta gaming license. The reason that is nice is because Malta is rather particular. You should be, too. VeraJohn stands up to close inspection in every way — enjoy! You might also enjoy casinos with No Deposit!!

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